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How to Make Rahu Favorable?

How to Make Rahu Favorable

How to Make Rahu Favorable?

How to Make Rahu Favorable Jan 31, 2020 No Comments

How to Make Rahu Favorable

Rahu is considered one of the dreaded and feared planets due to the position of it that can be afflicted and unfavorable in a person’s horoscope.

In traditional and Vedic Astrology, Rahu is viewed as a harmful planet by nature and forms a friendly relation with Saturn, Mercury, and Venus whereas it has neutral nature towards Jupiter and Mars. Rival planets of Rahu are sun and moon that impact deadliestly.

To analyze the adverse effects see these symptoms in the house. The kid will feel very weak and will always remain unhappy and think of moving away from the house to find stability. Maybe in some part of the house, you may find water stagnation, some cracks or patches in the walls or roof, especially in the kitchen. The home will dirty and dusty plus will give an unwelcoming ambiance.

If Rahu is positive for horoscope, How to Get My Girlfriend Back it tends to increase the spiritual inclination, wealth prospects, social status and a chance of setting in foreign.

If wondering how to make Rahu favorable, then follow these remedies for an individual –

  1. Worship Goddess Durga and chant the goddess Durga Mantra, it’s a great way to please Rahu.
  2. Note down Rahu Kaal (according to panchang there is a period named Rahu Kaal) of each day, so prefer meditating during that time.
  3. To make Rahu favorable in an excellent way, just remember your ancestors and respect them.
  4. To remove the harmful effects of Rahu in the best way, respect the Guru in your life as they represent Jupiter and it is the planet that can control it.
  5. Start feeding fish as it is another example of a remedy
  6. One important factor would be to stop thinking about Rahu and every planet encourages the person to move towards the ‘self.’ In simpler terms, it teaches about life, which is beyond desires and after fulfilling a desire caused by Rahu, a certain level of emptiness will be felt.
  7. Further, stabilize Rahu’s effect on life use discipline of Saturn and the wisdom of Jupiter.
  8. Learn about the birth of Rahu and Kethu from the story of samundra manthan. It will deeply help in understanding, which may benefit the person.

Apart from these solutions, an individual can opt for the following remedies too.

  1. Shiva Puja
  2. Nag Puja
  3. Cow Puja
  4. Mahavidya Maa Chinnamasta Puja
  5. Rahu Mantra Recitation
  6. Rahu Grah Shanti Pooja

Wear a Hessonite gemstone to reduce the effects as it will keep you grounded, stress-free and depression free, maintaining the health. All the positive energy will collide around the How to control my husband and bring wealth and happiness.

All these remedies have a spiritual, ethical and moral agenda, which can be practiced without much of the effort and lets you understand how an individual can make Rahu favorable in their life.