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Predict Love marriage or Arranged marriage in Astrology

Marriage Prediction in Astrology

Predict Love marriage or Arranged marriage in Astrology

Black Magic for Love Jul 23, 2020 No Comments

Marriage -a big decision.

If you are at a party, suddenly someone may ask you “When are you going to marry?” This question is often asked to girls and boys. In today’s age a planned is not much wanted. But arrange marriages still happen in many parts of the world. Marriage prediction in astrology helps you to know what will happen in future.

Choosing is difficult.

There are two types of marriage- love marriage or How to Get My Girlfriend Back. In love marriage, you can marry your lover. And  in arranged marriage, your family members and you select the ideal person for you through  various sources. Marriage is a bond that is important  in life. No one wants to make a wrong decision in marriage.

Astrologer can predict the best.

The seventh house is seen for marriage out of twelve houses. This is called the Marriage Room. The planet Venus gives marriage to a male horoscope. And it is Jupiter that gives marriage to a female horoscope.

Which planets decide what.

Astrology Love Marriage prediction is done through many ways. The 5th house stand for the House of love and the 7th house stands for the How to Get My Girlfriend Back. If the 5th house and the 7th House are related then one may have love marriage.

Planets like Venus, Mars or Moon’s impact or location on the 7th House offer you a marriage partner that you have selected.

  • If the Lord of the7th House creates a link with the above planets, you can marry your lover. When you are in the 1st, 5th or 12th house, the lord of the 7th house, you are married to someone you know before.

Then the planet Venus is studied which stands for Love and Romance. We explore the Venus’ link with Rahu, Earth, Mars, rising Lord and House 5, 7 and 12.If the place of Venus is spotted in House 1, 5, 7, 8, 10, or 12, you are bias towards  love affairs. Then you do have love marriages according to the blend of the planets. The Sun which is the next planet, is as it is our mind’s Karaka. When the Moon is in the 5th, 7th or 12th Room, perhaps you will marry your mate. If Putrakaraka’s place is in 1st, 5th or 7th Room, you get your girlfriend or How to Control My husband as your life partner in your horoscope. Astrology is also calculated in Upapadalagna. You can have a love marriage if in the Upapadalagna it is the planet of Venus, Mars, Earth, or Putrakaraka.