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What is Black Magic? It’s Symptoms, Remedies, and Stages

Signs and Symptoms of black Magic

What is Black Magic? It’s Symptoms, Remedies, and Stages

Black Magic Specialist Feb 18, 2020 No Comments

Black Magic (Dark Magic) or Signs and Symptoms of black Magic can be explained as the use of dark superpowers for selfish personal or evil reasons like change of luck, love, happiness, growth, personal relationship and many more all over the world.

Black Magic is pronounced differently in all section of the world like magic spells, jadu, witchcraft, voodoo or curses and is usually done by dark enchantments which invoke evil spirits and demons.

Black Magic, when one performs uses clothes, hair, nails, and pictures to make a doll replicating the victim and even if the person is sitting thousands of miles away, can have an impact once a ritual is performed on that doll.

Here are some Signs and Symptoms of black Magic

Massive Loss in a trade or any business going down in a small period is an indicator of black magic.

An individual is suddenly becoming sick for unknown reasons or weird behavior like being alone and talking, being extremely angry, and seeing things that are not around.

Turning nails dark is also a sign of black magic.

Symptoms can occur in different stages; let’s see some steps of black magic to understand it well.

Initial Stage – Person will have lack of energy, will not be able to sleep well, hopelessness, dryness of mouth at night, bad dream which will have dead bodies, dirty places or snakes, scorpions, spiders, walking up at no time in fear, headache, itching, burning or sting sensation all over one’s body, discoloration of skin, peeling of skin, hair and teeth.

Advance Stage – Excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances will also have negative thoughts. Intense feeling of some’s presence, things or stuff disappears and reappears in the same place when one-stop looking for it, tightness around body parts, one starts to forget things in spur of the moment

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If it’s a pregnant woman’s stomach bloat and tightens up right above the navel area & when touched feels like a golf ball is in there.

Final Stage – Heart Attacks resulting in sudden death, blood cancer, suicidal attempts.

And there are specific symptoms of women-only – Rape in dreams by spirit, irritation in the vagina, unable to conceive due to mental blocks, irregular periods, painful periods, dark blood, or  unable to hold the pregnancy resulting in miscarriage.

Additional symptoms – a person loses interest in prayers and meditation, body shakes when one tries to meditate, a person becomes extremely dangerous to self and others. Important to note here is spirits are more active before a full moonlight or night, and one might face major more problems during this period.

A word of precaution doesn’t drink or eat from anyone, especially if not offered to sweets or desserts are the most common way of doing black magic one should refrain from taking it, mainly if its white. It’s also performed by touching or looking directly, Witchcraft specialist so refrain from making direct eye contact for long.